Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Diamond of Her Heart

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. No diamond no kiss. No diamond no honey. I suppose we live in a very materialistic world. I suppose too that the gift of a diamond (at least 2 carats, if not don't give) goes a long way to cement the so-called relationship. Sigh, forgive me for being a not so materialistic person but I don't believe in the gift of those rocks (of course it might also be due to my empty pocket talking more than any other sentiment hehe).

What are the qualities of such a rock that inspires such undying devotion in the throbbing hearts of our female counterparts?

1. It's formed by the hottest of fires through millions of years.
2. It's glitteringly hypnotic. Bringing ardent admirers to it like moths to the flame. "Ohh, you inflame my passions !!!" she says.
3. It's solid, it's the hardest material in the world.
4. It's dependable, the glitter won't fade. It will still be hard.
5. It was a worthless piece of black junk in it's previous life but all is now forgiven after the oooOOOHHH! so remarkable transformation.
6. It will outlast the girl in its eternal beauty.

So, instead of the piece of rock, what can I present to her as a symbol of my eternal love. I vow to transform myself into the diamond. Am I that diamond now? No, I am far from it. Am I trying to emulate the qualities of a diamond? Yes, I am working hard at it. Love to me is a MARATHON & not a SPRINT. I shall be there for her through thick and thin. Through poverty and in wealth. Through sickness and in health. I shall go through the hottest of fires for her. I shall glitter for her. I shall be solid and dependable. My love will be eternal. My love for her will not fade but glow stronger through the years. I shall be her soul mate as she will be mine. Am I a worthless piece of junk at the moment? I don't think so but before 3 years is up, I will transform myself into a priceless DIAMOND.

And I shall present this DIAMOND, myself, to her. I hope she appreciates this DIAMOND as much as I appreciate her.

Soulmate, I gift myself unto you.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Aurora said...

Fess up! Where have you been? Why are u denying your biggest fan of more mouthwatering literary morsels?

Quick, before i keel over in Starvation city!

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