Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Eighth Wonder of The World

I recently came back from Egypt. Of course, my tour included the famous pyramids of Giza, the only remaining Seven Wonders of The Ancient World. Extremely impressive and mind boggling. If I remember my facts right, the largest pyramid is made of 2.3 million blocks of red granite each weighing more than 2 tonnes. Imagine that. How did they build such a wonder ??? With a true heart or under the whip ? True heart or whip, it's still nevertheless one of the most magnificent man-made structures still standing in the world.

It set me to wondering what is The Eighth Wonder of The World. For me, I feel that the Power of the Indomitable Human Spirit is the Eighth Wonder of The World. It is this power that set into motion the construction of all Wonders. Therefore without that power, none of the wonderful things in front of us would have been possible. What do you say about it? The power to conquer inconquerable odds. The power to overcome our limitations. The power to be more than we ever thought we could be. That is the Eight Wonder.

That brings the question back to me. Do I have it within me to awaken the Eight Wonder? What would motivate me to awaken the Power? I think if I were to only think of myself, that power will never spring to life. It must be dedicated to something higher than me, myself and I. What would that be? Also, am I willing to pay the Price that comes with the Power? What would that price be?

Soulmate, I await thee. Together, we may be able to awaken that power in each other.


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