Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Mirror Of Your Soul

"What's the most beautiful part of a Woman's Body?"

My dad asked this question on the spur of the moment to all of my family one day 17 years ago. My brother said "The Lips !". I said "The Eyes !" My dad said, in his all wise tone of voice,"No ! No ! No ! It's the legs !"

Conclusion of that conversation. No wonder Mum has beautiful legs Dad. You fell in love with the legs first didn't you?

That question has stuck and embedded itself into my body, mind and soul though. I will still argue that the most beautiful of a woman's body, are her eyes. The eyes are, to me, the mirror of the soul.

In fact, that is the first part of the body that I am drawn to everytime I meet someone new. Call me prejudiced but the eyes will be the greatest determining factor of whether I am interested to get to know the person better.

Soulmate, I long to gaze lovingly into the mirror of your soul :-)


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