Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Soulmates !

Soulmates. What a word. Laden with hope, meaning and disappointments. Is there any way for me to find that soulmate? The one that will complete me body, mind and soul. Ahhh ! There was once such a person. She was sensitive and intuitive, caring and full of feeling. She also had the voice of an angel. How would I like to hear such a voice again.
Songbirds. Duets have always sounded doubly more beautiful than a solo. I miss my serenading days. The days when I serenaded nightly to that angel whom I considered closest to a soulmate. When my oh... so easy to break heart was open. How would I like to sing to such a soul again.
Hearts united. The eyes say what words cannot. There was a time when all we needed was a flash of the eyes. We would know each other's heart. The hesitancy in her voice spoke volumes, her silence louder than a thunderclap. How would I love to stare deep into such eyes again.
Failure. Why did I not tell her? Why did I not open my heart to her? Why did I let a soulmate slip from my grasp. Was it cowardice? Was it a demand for the sureties of life? There is no certainty.
Requiem. The lament of a wounded heart. The lament of a procrastinator. The lament of someone who didn't grab that chance. The lament of a hopeless romantic who just couldn't find the courage to show the trueness of his heart.


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