Sunday, June 26, 2005

Support Local Singers : New Babe Regine Tai !

The Local Chinese Music Industry has been very prolific these past few years. We have seen a number of them make some substantial footprints over in Taiwan. People like Fish Leung, Penny Tai and the latest of them, my friend Yu Hang.

It helps to have a brother who is a Sound Engineer responsible for the recording of singers like Ah Niu, Yu Hang and recently Regine Tai. I am in total agreement with him that we should do our best to support the local Chinese music scene as they are as just as good as the Taiwanese and HongKies. Take Kuang Liang and Ping Kwan for example. Very creative people.

Now, I would like to introduce to you the latest Babe on the Local Chinese Music Scene. My friend, Regine Tai. With her single,"Secret" she too is taking the scene with a passion. A great singer with an oh so sweet voice.

So, please do check out her website and download her songbites. Get to know this sweet young lady.

Also, please do post LOTs of comments supporting her. Who knows, maybe the person who posts the most varied and imaginative comments (duplicates will not be counted) can have lunch with this up and coming lady muse :-) I'll ask her. Regine, if you are reading this, please leave a comment on this hehe.

The least I can promise is her autographed album (cost on me) to the person who posts the most varied and imaginative comments supporting my friend, Regine Tai (note : duplicate comments will not be counted) . Deadline is 8.00pm Friday 1st July, 2005.

It will look a lot like this hehe :-)

I Stole Minishorts'........ Technorati Logo !

I am a Blog Vampire ! Muaahahaha ! First I sucked Elaine's TagBoard Message Board into my blog. Now I have stolen Minishorts'.....Technorati Logo !

Wanted to say I stole her heart but that oredi belongs to The Crab Killer, Eric the Great !
Anyway, thank you for it all. You people have been great Vampire fodder ! Muaahahaha !

Also, to all the Great Jedi Masters of Bloggism out there, what other enhancements should I put in my blog? Tell me please, please Great, Great Masters of Bloggism.

I am now a slave to the Blog !

Friday, June 24, 2005

AIESECers Collide at PPS 2nd Annual Bash !

AIESECers Unite ! Minishorts, Eyeris & Me :-)

What do AIESECers do when they meet? They shout, they jingle, they might even Square Dance and then, they break all forms of TABLE Manners !!!

It was a great experience last night meeting up at PPS 2nd Annual Bash. How did I get to know about it? Well, my best friend, BunnyWunny had a sort of intellectual run-in with Minishorts. I decided to check out who was this girl who dared to DISS my 'bestest' friend.

It was a few clicks that finally led me to this thingy over at Tangsi Road. There you go, BABY Blogger meets the Madagascar equivalent of Malaysian Bloggers. I never knew (being a newbie) that the Malaysian blogosphere has picked up so many cool people. Wow !

Anyway, I had to check out who was Minishorts. So I went up to the organizer, the cool Aizuddin and he proceeded to SHOUT out LOUD (fergodsakes) "Minishorts Minishorts - your FAN looking For you" - Talk about EMBARASSMENT !

Finally met up with Minishorts & hey, she's one cool lady. When I finally sat down with them, I was suddenly recognized by Eyeris (another cool guy) as the Dinosaur I was so long ago. That was when the fun began. Reminiscing about old days and doing Table Manners was a great way to bring out the joyful person in me.

Then, I proceeded to sing them 3 Papua New Guinea Jingles.

Lyrics are now provided :

Jingle 1 :
Spragane gane,
Gane oh same woh,
Spragane gane,
Gane oh same woh

Spragane gane,
Gane oh same woh,
Spragane gane,
O Gane oh same woh.

Explanation : This is a Papua New Guinea War Song - Sung to the Brave Warriors by their Family as a SPIRITED send off before they go PILLAGING among the other ISLANDS. Yeah !

Jingle 2 :

Konna kot onnum kande e
Konna kot onnum kande
Konna kot onnum kande
Konna rolg kangi bion de

Ayam bi ken ken de e
Ayam bi ken ken de
Ayam bi ken ken de
Konna rolg kangi bion de

Explanation : It's raining my friend. I meet you at the bus stop. You have no umbrella. Let's share my umbrella. Together, we walk off into the rain.

Elaine Babes loved it hehe and I would like to say that I kinda loved her loving it :-) (How's that for a pick up line - Elaine?)

Elaine Babes, I would rather save all the pickup lines in the world for you than use it on anyone else for you are a babe. And she loves fantasy books. Oh God ! How difficult is it to find such a babe interested in Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Raymond E Feist and she appreciates Lian Hern for godsakes. Elaine, let's make our own fantasy (how's that for a 2nd pickup line).

Jingle 3 :

Kupi ma po
Tom bo warisa a
Kupi ma po
Tom bo warisa
Kupi ma po
Tom bo warisa a

Explanation : Papua New Guinea drinking song sung in the middle of a campfire. To be sung until everybody drops out from imbibing too much good stuff :-)

Kudos to you too April for being such a good sport.

Eyeris, thanks for reminding me of what I used to be and what I can be again.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Picking Up The Pieces

Woah ! From the exhilaration of a life changing conversation to the low of down-to-earth reality. What a roller coaster ride. Well I have felt shattered for over a month now. This whole month has been a process of rebuilding myself into a better, stronger and more focussed person.

Again, ironically, this would never have happened had I not taken a risk and opened my heart out to her. The wounds of the heart will heal. I feel on top of the world and yet at the bottom of the ocean.

Can anybody tell me why this yin yang feeling is there? She is a wonderful girl who will do anything for the guy who stole her heart. I wish her all the deserved happiness in the world. If not, it's picking up the pieces again for her.

Well, I think some spring cleaning is in order :-)

Bittersweet Afterglow of Reality

Ahhh ! My heart still hurts. I ache for missing chances and opportunities. I ache because the girl I care about is in love with someone who doesn't really care about her.

What happened to them? What happened to him to treat her so badly? Why are we so stubborn that we cling to the past and not the wonderful things in front of us?

Ahhh ! Who can answer these questions?

But I am glad she acknowledged that I am a worthy person. If we had met earlier?

What could the possibilities be? At the end, we must still pay back to The Great Credit Card of Life :-(

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Greatest Conversation In My Life

Eureka ! I have just had the most EYE OPENING, Meaningful and heart-t0-heart conversation with the Girl I used to like. I have finally found out why she has pushed me away all this time despite showing clearly how much I care for her.

My whole life, I have never had the courage to have such a conversation with someone I really care about but did not return the care. I have finally done it and I feel so free. I feel like I am BACK from the DEAD :-)

The world is so full of ironic situations leh. I like my superior in the retail chain and my superior loves her superior in the same chain. She joined the chain just because of him and I joined because of her.

Aiyoh !!! So frustrating. Couple with the fact that he doesn't even care for her. My heart is torn to bits because of the injustice of it all. But, I guess Cie la Vie, Mon Cheri.

Guilt it turns out is the driving factor of her existence. I suppose in the end that she is an idealist. She cannot accept imperfections in herself and neither can she accept imperfections in others.

Anyway, I hope that I have the clarity of mind to evaluate the negatives and positives in myself and my future soul mate. I bless her with all the happiness in the world from the bottom of my heart. I believe that we are just repaying our karma.

That's what I call the Credit Card of Life.

Toong Hwa (Fairy Tale) by Kuang Liang

I like to sing. It's been such a long time since I have serenaded to a lovely girl. To the lovely girl whom I have serenaded to (you know who you are), I really appreciate that you were kind enough to listen.

This was what I sang. Bear in mind, I don't know Chinese so I had to write it out in English (it's not Hanyu Pinyin since I dunno about it). It's the best that I can do lor.

Wang le you dor jiu (how long have I forgotten)
Jai mei ting dau ni (will never hear from you again)
Tui wo suo ni (speaking to me about)
Jui ai de gu se (you most cherished story)
Wo siang le hen jiu (I thought about it for a long time)
Wo kai se huang le (I begin to panic)
Se pu se wo you jor chuor le sem muo (Did I do something wrong?)
Ni ku je tui wo suo (You cry while saying to me)
Toong hwa ni dow se pien ren de (Fairy tales are lies)
Wo bu ke neng se ni de wang je (I may not be your Prince Charming)
Ye shi ni bu huei doong (But you may not understand)
Chung ni suo ai wo yi ho (From the moment you said you loved me)
Wo de tian kung sing sing tow liang le (My whole universe brightened)
Wo yuen bien chern Toong Hwa li (I am willing to be your Fairy Tale)
Ni ai de na ke tien se (Your loving Angel)
Chang kai suang so bien chern je pang so hu ni (Willing to open my arms and protect you)
Ni yau siang sing (You have to believe me)
Siang sing wo men huei siang toong hwa ku ser li (Believe that we can be like in the Fairy Tale)
Sing fu her kwai le se jie jhi (A very happy ending)

Loving Cookies Anyone ?

My sister really makes the best cookies in the world. Not only was I in charge of massage during the charity event but I was also in charge of marketing "The most loving cookies in the world - My Sister's Cookies".

And it was remarkable. 60 boxes were sold out in 3 hours. Why? Because they were made through love and caring. Food is like that. You can taste the love and care that was put in.

Because of her magnificent cookies, our group managed to be the Champion in revenue. Yes, my sister's cookies were magnificent.

Thank you my dear sister for that generous and magnificent effort.

Loving Massage anyone?

One of my greatest joy in life is to provide comfort and relaxation to people. To be able to see them happy. What is more direct than to provide massages to people?

I have been providing massages to my friends since age 17 and I am very good at it. Recently, I took part in a charity event in which I provided massage for charity. I was just happy to be able to do charity work while leaving the customer absolutely relaxed and satisfied.

Ahhh ! Soulmate, where are you? I so long to give the best and most loving massage to you. That's why I learned massage in the first place. Admittedly, I am not a guy who loves cooking. So I will do the dishes after the meal and give you that well-earned massage after a long & tiring day. A massage and a good, sweet hug shall be provided for free my dear.

See how relaxed the guy is. He definitely got his money's worth. And it was for a good cause.

Dear Soulmate, I long to comfort thee.

Batman Begins Rocks leh !

Oh my God ! I have never been a big fan of Batman but this prequel really rocks. Spectacles also dropped out. The story is so deep and has so many hidden meanings. It really brought much insight into the psyche and the motivating factors of Batman.

I finally think Batman is cool. I think all the previous installments of Batman didn't do any justice at all to the franchise. DC Comics must be really pleased.

Anyway, the archvillian is also great (played by our Mr Qui Gon Jinn - Liam Neeson). Unfortunately, not everybody may be able to fully appreciate the depth of this movie.

I wouldn't mind watching it another time. It taught me a Great lesson about Why We Fall too.

Why do We Fall? So that we can learn how to Get Up Again !

Thank you Batman for reminding me that.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Finding My True Values

It is such a relief to finally understand what my values and self worth is. It has taken me all of 31 1/2 years to finally discover what is important to me. And it was triggered by a heartbreak. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pain that helped me transcend my current world view.

Mmm. What is that thing which gives me self worth? I love to help people. I will always place the well-being of the people I care about above my own well-being.

Somebody told me that's not good for myself. I said that what gives me pleasure is making the people I care about happy. I will push myself and improve myself if it means making more people happy. That has always been my creed and that has always been what makes me happy.

Of course, there are times, when I sacrifice myself to someone who doesn't know how to appreciate it, I feel sad and hurt. But, that still does not turn me away from the pleasure of helping people. Of seeing people grow. The joy of seeing the reflection of the "Eureka" sign blinking in their eyes.

Oooh ! That's pleasure for me. That is my ultimate self value. The ability to bring joy and enlightenment (of course in my own way) to the people whom I care about.

Ahhh ! There are more people to care about. There are more soulmates to encounter. There is still light in the world.

The Art Of Meditation - Om Posted by Hello

I AM BACK ! Recovering from a Broken Heart !

Ahhh ! It's good to be back again. Just would like to apologize to myself. I haven't had the mood to blog here for almost a month. Why? Because I had my heart broken. That's why.

I mean, here I am, doing everything that I can for the girl whom I thought I liked but in return, I do not get the minimum required level of caring and support.

I keep telling myself to forgive her. She is young, she has not learnt to appreciate the things that I have done for her. But the HEART is WEAK. I cannot bring myself to forgive her. In fact, I don't even feel like seeing her again.

I shall not go into details about the things that I've done for her but suffice to say that I suppressed my intense dislike for certain types of activites and organizations just to be with her. Just to get to know her better.

Yeah, yeah. She is pretty & fun, she is sweet & lively, in fact she's as lively as a monkey. She is a capable young lady too but I think at this moment, it's all about herself. It's just about her, her and only her.

Well, my friend, you have failed in my eyes. I am not forcing you to love me. That, I know takes time. But after all that I've done, you could not even give me the minimum required level of caring as a friend or as a human being. Then, you have failed big time. For example, sending me an SMS acknowledging me. Why do I always have to be the one to make the first move. After 3 months of that, I have to say, I am tired and exhausted.

Well, I joined a certain organization (not mind you The Yakuza or anything like that) because of her and I refuse to have much of anything to do with the organization anymore because of her. I, the only person, willing to follow her, feels abandoned, neglected, sidelined and uncared for.

I would have given you the world had you just provided me with that minimum level of caring. But no. And she even failed to keep the SMALLEST of PROMISES. I had kept all my promises to her until then. In fact, I even had to break a promise with another good friend in order to fulfill my PROMISE to HER. Now my good friend is not talking to me anymore. All for someone, who didn't even care enough to keep the littlest of promises.

Compared to her, the new friends that I've made on ICQ is miles better. I can feel even more than the required level of caring as human beings and friends from them. They SMS me in the morning to show that they care. Without me soliciting any responses of caring from them. While you, only did that something extra when you noticed that I wasn't communicating with you anymore. After so many days, you finally picked up the cue that something was wrong.

Well, enough is enough. In fact I have to thank you for this past 3 1/2 weeks of broken heart. I have never been meditating on my future more. In fact, the changes have been so drastic, I have just resigned from my company and considering embarking on an ambitious project towards financial independence.

Thank you for forcing me to think and evaluate where I am and where I want to be. I have finally found myself again.

Thank you my dear (I shall still call you that - if only in irony). You have played a big part in accelerating my GROWTH.

And to my new found ICQ friends, L.E. & Y.Y., thank you for caring and appreciating me. You have given me hope that there are people out there who cares :-)