Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Greatest Conversation In My Life

Eureka ! I have just had the most EYE OPENING, Meaningful and heart-t0-heart conversation with the Girl I used to like. I have finally found out why she has pushed me away all this time despite showing clearly how much I care for her.

My whole life, I have never had the courage to have such a conversation with someone I really care about but did not return the care. I have finally done it and I feel so free. I feel like I am BACK from the DEAD :-)

The world is so full of ironic situations leh. I like my superior in the retail chain and my superior loves her superior in the same chain. She joined the chain just because of him and I joined because of her.

Aiyoh !!! So frustrating. Couple with the fact that he doesn't even care for her. My heart is torn to bits because of the injustice of it all. But, I guess Cie la Vie, Mon Cheri.

Guilt it turns out is the driving factor of her existence. I suppose in the end that she is an idealist. She cannot accept imperfections in herself and neither can she accept imperfections in others.

Anyway, I hope that I have the clarity of mind to evaluate the negatives and positives in myself and my future soul mate. I bless her with all the happiness in the world from the bottom of my heart. I believe that we are just repaying our karma.

That's what I call the Credit Card of Life.


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