Sunday, June 19, 2005

Toong Hwa (Fairy Tale) by Kuang Liang

I like to sing. It's been such a long time since I have serenaded to a lovely girl. To the lovely girl whom I have serenaded to (you know who you are), I really appreciate that you were kind enough to listen.

This was what I sang. Bear in mind, I don't know Chinese so I had to write it out in English (it's not Hanyu Pinyin since I dunno about it). It's the best that I can do lor.

Wang le you dor jiu (how long have I forgotten)
Jai mei ting dau ni (will never hear from you again)
Tui wo suo ni (speaking to me about)
Jui ai de gu se (you most cherished story)
Wo siang le hen jiu (I thought about it for a long time)
Wo kai se huang le (I begin to panic)
Se pu se wo you jor chuor le sem muo (Did I do something wrong?)
Ni ku je tui wo suo (You cry while saying to me)
Toong hwa ni dow se pien ren de (Fairy tales are lies)
Wo bu ke neng se ni de wang je (I may not be your Prince Charming)
Ye shi ni bu huei doong (But you may not understand)
Chung ni suo ai wo yi ho (From the moment you said you loved me)
Wo de tian kung sing sing tow liang le (My whole universe brightened)
Wo yuen bien chern Toong Hwa li (I am willing to be your Fairy Tale)
Ni ai de na ke tien se (Your loving Angel)
Chang kai suang so bien chern je pang so hu ni (Willing to open my arms and protect you)
Ni yau siang sing (You have to believe me)
Siang sing wo men huei siang toong hwa ku ser li (Believe that we can be like in the Fairy Tale)
Sing fu her kwai le se jie jhi (A very happy ending)


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