Friday, August 12, 2005

The HAZY Sun !

This is a picture of the late afternoon sun during the days when we could still see the sun. Aitelyou ah ! The blardy haze is too much leh. It's time to migrate to Monaco or Monte Carlo or Montezuma or some place that does not have bushy fires burning up your arse every year. It's like eating a pound of extra hot sambal petai and hazing up your toilet with combustible gas you know.

This is my girlfriend and her colleague braving the hazardous environment to bring better health and joy to the world (they sell good stuff to doctors so that it can benefit you :-))

This is my poor (but sweet and pretty) girlfriend again courageously braving everything to bring peace and joy to the world (thru her job).

Aiseh, where is my beautiful Malaysia leh?

Tomorrow I'm driving straight to Penang !!!